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SUSAN AMUNDSON is an author of children's picture books.

From The Khobi and Hero Series to her newest title, HERO and HALLE New Friends she is always looking for ways to engage children through the magic of reading. Her books have been enjoyed by children and adults in their homes as well as in schools and libraries.

Teaming up with artist Nan Holt for her newest title, HERO and HALLE New Friends, a beautiful story of friendship is created.

Artist Brenda Geiken reveals her talents in The Khobi and Hero Series, bringing Khobi and Hero to life in A CHILD'S HAPPY HEART, FREE TO BE ME, and MIKEY MAKES THE TEAM. In addition, the stand alone title THREE LITTLE LAMBS...SOMEWHERE features her work.

Susan's titles are heartwarming and will leave you smiling.


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